Legado Coffee Bar

Legado is about more than just fine roasted speciality coffee. Like the excellent coffee we produce, our business is about a fusion. We aim to take the best parts of coffee-culture we have come across on our own journey and so build an educated and empowered coffee community with a taste that sets itself apart from the general consumer. It is where our passion lies!

We source, roast and wholesale high grade coffee from processed green coffee cherries sourced from across the globe. Our love for coffee is manifest in every part of our business. At our HQ on Rosenview Farm we experiment with our Diedrich IR-7 gas powered coffee roaster to produce an array of specific roasts for an eclectic user base.

In Techno Park, our retail coffee bar, situated at 19 Quantum Road since 2012, is where our global fingerprint manifests in an assortment of beautifully crafted coffees (hot and cold brews) made with love for you by our experienced baristas from Monday to Friday between 07h00 and 16h00. You can also visit our latest coffee cart, situated at the Coffee Bar, Capital Place at the back of Techno Park.

Look out for some other artisanal products from interesting peeps we have met on our journey, like the yummy artisan ice cream, handmade by the team from Ice Cream Community. We are also sell ‘The Coffee Mag’, a pioneering magazine of unrivalled quality, birthed here in Azanzi and focussed on informing and educating the coffee drinking public.


Legado Menu

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