Techno Park Hails New Carpooling App!

uGoMyWay is a new carpooling app hitting Techno Park Stellenbosch.

Congestion, parking, accidents, road rage, pollution! These are just a few obstacles you have to contend with when dealing with traffic on congested South African roads. uGoMyWay is a carpooling application that promises to help tenants of Techno Park Stellenbosch avoid these challenges and contribute to a share community.

City roads are overflowing with commuters that need to get from A to B in challenging public transport environments. According to KPMG’s 2017 TomTom Traffic Index (TTTI), South Africa’s most congested cities are Cape Town, then Johannesburg, followed by East London. Taking only rush hour into account, an average commuter in Cape Town loses up to 42 minutes per day, or 163 hours a year, to gridlock. In Johannesburg the number sits at around 37 minutes a day, or 141 hours per year, and in East London, 32 minutes a day, or 121 hours per year.

That is a lot of unproductive time spent in the confines of a motor vehicle. The situation isn’t healthy! Commuters are psychologically affected, tired and drained; roads are overloaded, damaged and in ill repair; the economy suffers due to a loss of productivity; and the environment is threatened as C02 emissions soar.

However, things don’t have to be this dire. Spurred on by technological innovations in communication, ride-sharing and carpooling applications are making global cities a little less congested. Most people are familiar with ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft. These apps allow people to make some money off the vehicle they own by transporting passengers or things around cities. Carpooling apps like the French BlaBlaCar, although similar, function as social networking sites connecting drivers travelling from one city to another with travellers heading in the same direction. Contrary to the likes of Uber, drivers are compensated to cover expenses, but do not profit from the ride. In 2015, BlaBlaCar stepped out of obscurity when TechCrunch valued the startup at $1.2 billion dollars!

Techno Park is no stranger to congested traffic in peak hours. uGoMyWay is a new carpooling app that allows people who work in Techno Park to find each other and organise lifts from home to work and back again. After registering, the app allows you to create your routine journeys. You are then matched according to a ranking system – longest shared journey and least out of the way. A chat functionality allows you to make contact with fellow carpoolers. After dialogue is established, you are free to share your personal details. You can log your rides and all ride contributions are easily made from within the app.

If you are in Techno Park, uGoMyWay tries to keep you extra safe. You gain membership of the Stellenbosch Techno Park Carpool ring fence group. This allows you to select a private profile to only see and be seen by other members of the ring fence group. Chat allows you to enter a dialogue and establish trust. User ratings show other members’ ratings, along with previous car pool activity. Moreover, user verification is made by a one-time password which is sent to a RICA-verified cell phone number.

Like the sound of that?

If you want to save money, build communities and contribute to a healthier environment, check out uGoMyWay and start sharing now.


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