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Business, Finance & Marketing: Networks are Thriving in Techno Park

Since the formation of TechstelSRA in July last year, Techno Park has steadily begun to fulfill its mandate of becoming a world-class, socially integrated hub for business and innovation. This mandate is based on a vision to transform Techno Park into a space that competes with similar hubs worldwide, like Graz in Austria or @22 ... READ MORE →

Aesthetics, Environment, Future Vision: Making Techno Park a Better Place to Be

From installation art to Spekbome to a healthy sense of community, TechstelSRA is hard at work creating a more sustainable, integrated and aesthetically pleasing environment in Techno Park. The aim is to cultivate an ecosystem of social and material well-being that feeds into and sustains the business and technology innovation practices happening in the Park. ... READ MORE →