Safety and Security in Technopark

In Technopark we try to go the extra mile to ensure a safe and secure environment for all who live, work and play here. Take note of the following information to keep yourself and your colleagues safe.

  1. Thorburn Security's meet-and-greet service:
  • Thorburn's roaming armed-response team offers a 24/7 meet-and-greet service to anyone working after hours in Technopark.
  1. Phone the dedicated patrol vehicle at 076 814 4879 to arrange a “meet-and-greet” pick-up.
  2. No answer from the patrol vehicle? Call the control room at (021) 933 5699.
  3. Don't take any chances, the service is available 24/7.

2. Technopark WhatsApp Group:

  • Join our dedicated WhatsApp security group to keep up-to-date with recent incidents, and to report any suspicious behaviour of people or vehicles in the park.

Contact: Deleur Stander at

3. Security Cameras:

  • Technopark maintains a visual record of every vehicle entering or leaving the Park.
  • Our security system acts as a deterrent and assists the security team in identifying suspicious  vehicles.
  • The captured information can also be communicated to SAPS to assist in investigations.

3. Some more tips:

Here are a few more tips for staying secure and minimizing the risk of incidents in Technopark.

  • Please make sure that the outside lights of your business are switched on at night.
  • Be sure, where possible, to display emergency contact numbers somewhere on the exterior of the building that houses your business. This can help Technopark security to get in touch with you (and/or your security company) in case of incidents.
  • Please be sure to adhere to the speed limit in Technopark. This prevents vehicle accidents and pedestrian safety.
  • While driving, or when your car is unattended, remember to keep valuables out of sight. This minimizes the possibility of smash-and-grab incidents.
  • If you have any questions or notice suspicious behaviour, contact the local security services or send us a mail at