Safety and Security in Techno Park

In Techno Park we try to go the extra mile to ensure a safe and secure environment for all who live, work and play here. Take note of the following information to keep yourself and your colleagues safe.

  1. Emergency Numbers
  • In Techno Park, ABC Security is the preferred private security provider. For any contacts or queries, Techno Parkers can get in touch with Stephen Nelson from ABC Security at, or 082 709 1646.

Please take note of their numbers below:

  1. ABC Control Room/ ER24              021 887 4777
  2. ABC Armed Response                    062 504 2358
                                                            060 502 2356
                                                            060 502 2354
  • Other important numbers:
  1.  Stellenbosch Police                       021 809 5000
  2.  Ambulance                                     021 937 0500
  3.  Stellenbosch Municipality              021 808 8890
  4. Fire Brigade                                     021 808 8884


2. Techno Park WhatsApp Group:

  • Join our dedicated WhatsApp security group to keep up-to-date with recent incidents, and to report any suspicious behaviour of people or vehicles in the park.

Contact: Deleur Stander at


3. Security Cameras:

  • Techno Park maintains a visual record of every vehicle entering or leaving the Park.
  • Our security system acts as a deterrent and assists the security team in identifying suspicious  vehicles.
  • The captured information can also be communicated to SAPS to assist in investigations.


4. Some more tips:

Here are a few more tips for staying secure and minimizing the risk of incidents in Techno Park.

  • Please make sure that the outside lights of your business are switched on at night.
  • Be sure, where possible, to display emergency contact numbers somewhere on the exterior of the building that houses your business. This can help Techno Park security to get in touch with you (and/or your security company) in case of incidents.
  • Please be sure to adhere to the speed limit in Techno Park. This prevents vehicle accidents and pedestrian safety.
  • While driving, or when your car is unattended, remember to keep valuables out of sight. This minimizes the possibility of smash-and-grab incidents.
  • If you have any questions or notice suspicious behaviour, contact the local security services or send us a mail at