Traffic Improvements Coming Your Way

Cape Town is officially the most congested city in the country, and the surrounding freeways and urban areas are not faring much better. Most local drivers have become intimate with the special brand of misery that comes from being stuck in peak hour traffic. Fortunately, we are able to report that there are concrete plans in place to improve the traffic situation in Techno Park.

The planned improvements will take the form of upgrades to existing roads, and are an offshoot of the proposed new De Waldorf Lifestyle and Retirement Village development. This development, which is currently in its final planning phase, will border Techno Park to the south, covering the area between Kleine Zalze and the R44.

Jannie Kotzé, the project manager for De Waldorf Lifestyle Village at Horn & De Koning Developments, says that the road improvement plan involves three major aspects:

  1. The construction of an additional turning lane into Technopark from the Somerset West (south to north) side of the R44 intersection, as well an additional left-turn lane towards Blaauwklippen from the Stellenbosch (north to south) side of the R44.
  2. A substantial widening of Techno Avenue, the main road leading into Techno Park. The part of the road that runs between the R44 turn-off and the traffic circle at Proton Street will become double-laned.
  3. The traffic circle itself, as well as the circle at the Kleine Zalze turn-off, will be enlarged to become two-lane circles.

The improvements will also, to a large extent, address some of the issues around pedestrian access over Techno Avenue, as well as public transport accessibility.

Proposed Road Layout to Technopark.

Kotzé says that the road improvements have been provisionally approved at both a municipal and a provincial level, and that final approval is expected within the next few months. If everything goes according to plan, the road upgrades should begin towards the end of this year. Disruptions to the existing flow of traffic is expected to be at a minimum.

The De Waldorf Lifestyle and Retirement Village itself is an exciting new cutting-edge development that will further enhance the status of Techno Park and its surrounds as a premium address. Comprising more than 200 living units, a state-of-the-art clubhouse that sports its own gymnasium, spa and restaurant-with-bakery, as well as recreational facilities and excellent medical facilities, the Lifestyle Village is set to re-imagine the leisure retirement scene in South Africa. Currently in its final planning phase, units are expected to go on sale later this year, and primary construction should begin in the first half of 2017.

Kotzé says that Stellenbosch municipality, as well as the provincial authorities, are using the opportunity presented by the development to meet some of their own goals for maintaining and upgrading road infrastructure in and around Techno Park. As such, the project is an example of productive co-operation between private and public enterprise, which is an important cornerstone for the envisioned development of Techno Park into a hub for sustainable and innovative business practice.

And Techno Parkers can look forward to an improved commuting experience: coming their way, if everything goes according to plan, within the next year. It may not solve the Cape’s traffic problems all at once, but it is certainly a good place to start.

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