Techno Park Wellness 2.0

In August last year, we told you about some of the businesses right here in Techno Park that are geared towards helping you maintain and improve your health and wellbeing. Today, we bring news about a brand new suite of wellness facilities that are prepped and ready to receive Techno Parkers who are serious about enriching their lives with the latest in holistic health treatments.

Beauty & Knowledge is a new fusion wellness centre situated at Unit 1, 17 Quantum Road – right in the heart of Techno Park. Their services run the gamut of modern wellness treatments: reflexology, massage, injury recovery therapy, yoga, personal training, Body20 fitness, Reiki, Tibetan singing bowl meditation, body contouring and facelifts (non-surgical), permanent make-up, waxing, cosmeceuticals, and more. Each of these treatments are administered by a dedicated wellness professional who is committed to helping you achieve your optimal state of holistic wellbeing.

“What few people realise is that our bodies and minds haven’t changed much in thousands of years, but we live these fast-paced, frantic lifestyles today. We aren’t really equipped for it,” says Maxime Snyders, the proprietor of Beauty & Knowledge. Snyders, who completed postgraduate studies in health and wellness in Switzerland and the US, believes that a basic understanding of holistic health principles are essential for living an optimal, balanced life. “More and more people are on serious medication from a young age,” she says, “and this can get very expensive. It has become increasingly important to realize that there are simple, effective ways to attain more mindful, health-conscious ways of living.”

Even though Beauty & Knowledge is still comparatively new in Techno Park – Snyders spent a few years honing her craft in Somerset West before deciding to move closer to Stellenbosch – they already have a very loyal client base. “If someone comes in for a treatment, they’ll come back, I guarantee it,” she says. Standing around her – living proof of the trust and appreciation she has garnered from clients – are bunches of flowers that satisfied customers have delivered for her birthday. Her preferred treatment is massage and reflexology therapy. “We have lots of MD’s coming in for lunchtime sessions,” she says. “We start working from the feet – that’s where diagnosis begins!”

The centre consists of a few private treatment areas, including a dedicated massage studio and Body20 fitness gym. Snyders emphasises the attention they pay to each client’s individual needs and health requirements. “We see you as a whole person and by combining aesthetic treatments, along with detox, exercise and nutrition, we assist you to address your concerns holistically,” is how they explain it on their website. Snyders shows me a few before-and-after pictures to demonstrate the enormous benefits of their non-invasive aesthetic therapies. The results are, in a word, fantastic.

If you find yourself wondering if Beauty & Knowledge is the right fit for your health and wellness needs, wonder no more: Techno Parkers receive a 40% discount on the treatments they offer. Yes, you read that right: if you work in Techno Park, you can go and try one of their state-of-the-art fusion wellness therapies (everything except Body20 fitness, which is excluded from the offer) for 40% less than the asking price. In case you want to go immediately, let me repeat the address: Beauty & Knowledge, Unit 1, 17 Quantum Road. Go now, before they’re fully booked for the week...

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