Techno Park Special Ratings Area (SRA)

Technopark, situated in Stellenbosch is regarded as an economic asset in the region. It has many naturally attractive features, which include the surroundings and the aesthetics of the park. However, the current image of Technopark, within the business communities is being tarnished, by a lack of services, and other problems facing the park. It is resulting in an image ‘crisis’ which needs immediate intervention. This image problem, is affecting the sale, and lease of the current properties in Technopark to preferred tenants. This is due to a variety of reasons, including mediocre service delivery by the municipality, as the park receives ‘neighbourhood’ status. An economic asset such as Technopark requires additional services that are not usually administered by the municipality. To achieve a vision of transforming technopark into a world-class innovation, technology and business hub, it will require drastically improved services, management and security within the park.

The benefits of such a strategy would not only enhance the property values of the current buildings and the attractiveness of park as a whole, but would improve investor sentiment in the whole town of Stellenbosch.

The proposed SRA, will be managed by a not for profit company (NPC) with a dedicated manager, CEO or management company to ensure accountability of the spending, and implementation of the tasks at hand. The broad goals of the Technopark SRA or improvement zone are in short as follows:

  • Improve the property values of Technopark.
  • Improve the marketing and image of Technopark (as a top business address).
  • Provide events and public gatherings to enhance community interaction and engagement (Business Forum)
  • Improve public areas, parks and gardens
  • General Maintenance of the Park

For the complete SRA business plan for Techno Park, please click here.

For the notice of the owner’s meeting regarding the SRA, click here.

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