Making Techno Park Safer for All

Most of us know that sinking feeling you get when you walk up to your car in the morning and someone has smashed in your window to grab whatever petty object your forgot to remove the previous night. It’s not a good feeling. It’s the worst. Crime is a scourge that poisons our beautiful country.

Fortunately, in Techno Park we go the extra mile to ensure a safe, secure environment for all who live, work and play here. Deleur Stander, General Manager of the Protea Hotel by Marriott Stellenbosch and head of the security portfolio for the Techno Park management body, has shared a number of reassuring updates around security in the Park.

Firstly, installation of security cameras capturing all vehicles driving into and out of the Park has been completed. This means the system records the registration number of each and every car entering Techno Park. Not only does this act as a major deterrent to would-be criminals, it also assists the security team in identifying suspicious vehicles. The captured information can also be communicated to SAPS to help with the investigation of any incidents that may occur.

Other reassuring news is that Thorburn, the company that provides more than 80% of the security services in Techno Park, are offering a brand new meet-and-greet service to Techno Parkers. What this means is that anyone working after hours can contact Thorburn’s roaming armed response team to escort them to where their vehicle is parked. For those who have to put in the extra hours to meet tight project deadlines – or those who work the night shift – this should come as great reassurance. But how does it work? Simple. Here’s what you need to do to make use of the meet-and-greet service:

  1. Phone the dedicated patrol vehicle at 076 814 4879 to arrange a “meet-and-greet” pick-up.
  2. If the patrol vehicle isn’t answering it’s cell phone, call the control room to make the necessary arrangements. Their number is (021) 933 5699.
  3. Bear in mind that the service is available 24/7. So don’t take any chances when walking to your car at night.

A third security update is the creation of a dedicated WhatsApp group for Techno Park security. The purpose of the group is to keep everyone up to date with recent incidents, and to report any suspicious behaviour of people or vehicles in the park.

If you would like to be added to this group, please get in touch with Deleur Stander at Protea Hotel by Marriott Stellenbosch. His e-mail address is

In addition to these updates, we would also like to offer a few tips for staying secure and minimizing the risk of incidents in Techno Park.

  • Please make sure that the outside lights of your business are switched on at night.
  • Be sure, where possible, to display emergency contact numbers somewhere on the exterior of the building that houses your business. This can help Techno Park security to get in touch with you (and/or your security company) in case of incidents.
  • Please be sure to adhere to the speed limit in Techno Park. This prevents vehicle accidents and pedestrian safety.
  • While driving, or when your car is unattended, remember to keep valuables out of sight. This minimizes the possibility of smash-and-grab incidents.

If you have any questions or queries relating to security, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Working together, we create a safer environment for everyone.

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