Healthy Living in Techno Park

Healthy body, healthy mind. So the saying goes, and the science generally seems to agree. In Techno Park, where creative thinking lies at the core of business and technology innovation, a healthy, vigorous mind is clearly at a high premium. It comes as no surprise, then, that there are a number of services in the park that are geared towards maintaining the health and wellbeing of the body, providing great opportunities for those who work there to make sure their minds stay vital.

A good place to start is the Techno Park Medical and Dental Centre. Situated at 10 Techno Avenue – or the first building on your right as you drive into the park – the centre provides a host of services focused on the body and its wellbeing. Sporting a biokineticist, general practitioner, physiotherapist, dentist, beauty therapist, optometrist and aesthetic practitioner, the Medical Centre truly is a hub for the needs of the body. In addition, should your focus be on psychic wellbeing, you will find the practice of clinical psychologist Dr Magdel Alberts at the centre. Upstairs, the friendly receptionists Olivia and Gizella are ready to field your queries and point you towards the right door.

Fitness afficionados or those interested in staying active in Techno Park are also catered for. Total Revolution Fitness is a boutique gym that helps their members to “reap the mental and physical benefits of an active lifestyle”. They offer a host of classes, including hi-intensity training, body conditioning, sports yoga, boxing and pilates, as well as personal training. Patrons can also pay a visit the TRF Wellness Centre, which has its own biokineticist, physiotherapist, and dietician. Total Revolution Fitness is situated on the second level of Block A, Octo Place in Electron Street – conveniently above the popular restaurant Smulpaap, if anyone wants to satisfy their nutritional needs before or after their workout!

Merging the wellbeing of the body and the mind on a more intellectual level is Natural Medicine magazine, a monthly publication that has its offices in Titan House in Thermo Lane. First published in October 2000, the magazine focuses on complementary medicine and the benefits of healthy living, and has since grown to become one of the leading health publications in South Africa. According to editor Daleen Totten, health practitioners as well as the general public have long since let go of the perception that complementary medicine is “airy-fairy, fluffy stuff”, and many have begun to integrate the wisdom of a preventive approach and healthy living into their lives.

While Techno Park prides itself on being a hub for technology and business innovation, it is clear that the wellbeing of body and mind forms an integral part of the daily practice of many who work there. From the tip of your toes to the crown of your head, and covering most of the bits in between, Techno Park offers a host of services that look after your health, and that keep the synergies flowing between phsyical and mental processes. So the next time you feel work fatigue creeping up, mabye its not a bad idea to take a break, and go do some yoga at the gym.



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