New high-speed fibre optic network in Techno Park

Adept ICT are proud to announce the launch of their high-speed fibre optic network, available to all customers in Techno Park as from March, 2014. This network offers customers high speed Internet connectivity and cloud services, addressing the increasing demands placed on Internet access whilst striving to reduce overall costs.

Organizations are faced with the challenge to identify new technologies that will give them a strategic advantage in the global market. Increasingly, this is being achieved by moving from on-premise Internet solutions to cloud-based alternatives, creating a rise in the demand for Internet bandwidth. In turn, it either leads to a rise in Internet costs or to the available bandwidth being congested, affecting Internet speed and reliability

To address the increasing demands placed on Internet access, Adept ICT are offering their Park Fibre service to all their Techno Park customers.

Connectivity is supplied through a new fibre optic network, offering various service options at affordable rates.

Why choose Adept’s Park Fibre services?

  • It is fast, with speeds exceeding those available on ADSL
  • Park Fibre offers the lowest possible latencies of current technology
  • Park Fibre services are easily upgraded, with little or no disruption
  • Park Fibre services are monitored and supported by Adept’s experienced technical staff
  • All Park Fibre services are configured as synchronous services, thus having the same upload and download speeds. This allows customers more flexibility whilst avoiding problems associated with ADSL
  • Customer premise redundancy is available as an option

Internet Connectivity:

With Park Fibre, Adept offers two types of Internet services, each customizable to suit the needs of your company:

  • Usage Based:

A metered service offering packages based on usage requirements for optimal performance. Over usage is charged per gigabyte. Expected Internet speed starts at 10Mbit/s.

  • Contention Based:

This offers an uncapped service, allowing for shaping based on your existing package. Selectable speeds and three contention ratio options are available, namely 1:10, 1:4 and 1:1. Expected Internet speed starts at 1Mbit/s up to 100Mbit/s.

To achieve optimum efficiency and meet your Internet requirements, the two types of services can be combined over one fibre connection, by selecting only one instance of each option. (e.g. a customer can purchase a 5 Mbit/s 1:10 package for browsing and general use, while using a 1 Mbit/s 1:1 package for their mission critical servers).

Customers are encouraged to contact Adept ICT to assist them to find the best combination of options to meet their business needs.

Once connected to the Park Fibre network, a selection of value added services will be available to you. These can all be delivered on a single Adept Park Fibre connection:

  • VPN Services:

Adept Park Fibre customers have the option to connect to other Park Fibre sites, their hosted servers or remote networks within their organization. There are 3 options available – In-Park VPN, Park to Adept DC VPN and Park to Internet VPN.

  • Telephony Services:

Customers will receive assistance with cost-effective solutions to reduce telephony and communication costs. Adept’s telephony solutions are highly scalable, and can be tailored to suit your needs. The benefits of this service include:

    • Little to no waiting times for installations
    • The availability of geographic or non-geographic telephone numbers
    • Number portability
    • Multi-line services to facilitate direct dialing towards multiple extensions and to support multiple concurrent phone calls
    • Can be used in conjunction with either a VoIP switchboard or a gateway device connected to a traditional PBX
  • Backup Solutions:

Adept ICT’s backup solutions provide their customers with a business critical, fully managed backup service. Advantages of this service include:

    • Business data can be backed up off-site, unlike many traditional in-house backup solutions
    • The customer does not need backup infrastructure
    • The customer does not need to care about risks such as tape rotation or backup media lifetimes
The installation of Adept’s Park Fibre is scheduled to start in March 2014.
Arrange a meeting with Adept ICT today to fast track your Park Fibre installation.

For more information on Adept’s Park Fibre network, visit their website.

Email:            Phone: 021 888 6500

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