Transforming Technopark, by Pieter van Heyningen

The document gives a brief background to Technopark in terms of its original design as a Science Park in the eighties. It also discusses how the park developed commercially, and where its potential now lies in terms of a future mandate and development. The research is described as an intervention, to engage with stakeholders to assess the thinking around a future technopark. The document details the visioning and problem identification workshops. The various stakeholders included a wide diverse and mixed group of interested parties to more specific stakeholder groups. This includes the Technopark Owners Association Trustees, who separately established their own vision during a workshop. The challenge of the researcher is to bring the stakeholders together, as a facilitator and set in motion, discussion to find a joint and common strategic vision. Other main stakeholders include, the business community, the municipality, the university/innovUS. The researcher has also commented on previous studies conducted by consultancies commissioned by the municipality.


Discussion Document: Transforming Technopark, Jun 11

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