Health and Wellness


Eikestad Dental

Here at Eikestad Dental where perfection meets the patient’s needs, we can facilitate in providing a patient or a Dental practitioner with outstanding quality dental restorative work. If you are a patient, that is in need of quality dental restorative work, feel free to ask your dentist, orthodontist, periodontist, prostodontist or maxillofacial & oral surgeon to send your work to us with your specifications.


Winelands Dental

Using the latest technology in dentistry, Dr van Niekerk offers a comprehensive aesthetic and dental experience that is sure to satisfy even the most squeamish of visitors.

Our Vision is to provide professional Dental and Aesthetic Services of quality that will inspire beauty, radiance and health in each of our clients.



Chocolate Nutrition

Chocolate Nutrition consists of a team of dynamic Clinical Dietitians who are committed to understanding each patient’s unique medical condition in order to prescribe the necessary treatment. In order to get an in depth and comprehensive understanding of a patient’s medical condition, we work in consultation with a variety of medical practitioners who compile information from a wide range of health checks.


General Practitioners

Dr Trix Van Der Walt

Dr Trix Van Der Walt  is a Primary Care Doctor and is licensed to practice in South Africa.


Physical Therapy

Du Toit Physiotherapy

Du Toit Physiotherapy was founded by Tiekie du Toit in 1993 in Stellenbosch as a one-person practice which subsequently has grown into a full-time staff of two with additional  locums assisting from time to time. Apart from treating mostly patients referred by doctors at their practice in Stellenbosch they also provide professional services to  retirement homes and visit patients at home when necessary.  One of their full-time staff is also a qualified Orthopedic Manipulative Therapists (OMT).


Roelof Jacobs Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist specializing in musculoskeletal conditions (muscle and joint pain), sports injuries, and office ergonomics (desk and office setup). [CONTACT DETAILS & MAP]