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Contact: Rene Rossouw
Work Innovation Centre 1 Unit 5A Meson Close Stellenbosch 7600 Phone: 087 700 319 Cell Phone: 084 225 9946 Website: http://www.jnzmarketing.co.za


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The JNZ Marketing story began in the beginning of 2017 when Attie Barnard, founder of JNZ Group and JNZ Holdings, realised the need for a division that can facilitate marketing and design for the variety of entities within the two mother companies. With the vision in mind to use the experienced gained here to ultimately help business owners around the world build their brands, especially in the digital environment, all fell in place. A small team with noteworthy career ambitions was pulled together and on the 30th of October, JNZ Marketing was born. Our team’s diverse skill set and prior industry experience, highly complementary to one another, enable us to define a range of digital media, print media and strategic services we can offer to clients. Our passion for the digital environment and collaboration on this platform brought our company’s veins to life.

Via effective lead generation between the mother companies and their clients, we are busy building up our customer base and help them to put in place the digital marketing platforms and strategies to elevate their businesses and brands to the next level. JNZ – Jump if Not Zero, a term used in software development when one is able to elevate to a higher level, therefore our name is our vision, but even more so our vision for our clients.

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Innovation Centre 1 Unit 5A Stellenbosch 7600