Rocco & Riley

Find yourself getting hangry during yet another morning stand-up? Not concentrating on the design meeting because you are worried about what to have for lunch?

No need to despair.

Rocco & Riley is here to feed you!

We make fabulous sandwiches, salads ... READ MORE →

Legado Coffee Bar

Legado is about more than just fine roasted speciality coffee. Like the excellent coffee we produce, our business is about a fusion. We aim to take the best parts of coffee-culture we have come across on our own journey and so build an educated and empowered coffee ... READ MORE →

Food Wise in the Park

Rumour has it that in the old days the lunch options in Techno Park were rather limited. Hard-working employees would emerge from their cubicles at one o' clock to munch on greasy toasted sandwiches before returning to their desks for the afternoon slog. The coffee was instant and served in polystyrene cups. Life, as they ... READ MORE →