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Business, Finance & Marketing: Networks are Thriving in Techno Park

Since the formation of TechstelSRA in July last year, Techno Park has steadily begun to fulfill its mandate of becoming a world-class, socially integrated hub for business and innovation. This mandate is based on a vision to transform Techno Park into a space that competes with similar hubs worldwide, like Graz in Austria or @22 ... READ MORE →

Aesthetics, Environment, Future Vision: Making Techno Park a Better Place to Be

From installation art to Spekbome to a healthy sense of community, TechstelSRA is hard at work creating a more sustainable, integrated and aesthetically pleasing environment in Techno Park. The aim is to cultivate an ecosystem of social and material well-being that feeds into and sustains the business and technology innovation practices happening in the Park. ... READ MORE →

Gridlock Park

Five thousand three hundred and seventy-five. What is it? It is the revolutions per minute at which a Ducati 899's engine breaks the 100 decibel sound barrier? It is the total number by which the female workforce in Malta grew between 2013 and 2014? It is the mass, in kilograms, of the Zond 5, a ... READ MORE →

art in the park

Art in the Park

Imagine turning off into Techno Park from the R44 on your way to work one morning and noticing that all the trees lining Techno Avenue have been transformed into giant pot plants. Or, as you drive past the dam further up the road, catching sight of a flotilla of paper boats drifting serenely across the ... READ MORE →

Business Forum 20 April

Let’s Talk Business

South African society is beset by many problems. Some of these problems are so complex, entangled and large in scope that we cannot even begin to explain them to ourselves, much less imagine what a solution might look like.

According to Graham Smale, Director for Market Development and Innovation at the JSE, there is a name ... READ MORE →

Proposed Road Layout to Technopark.

Traffic Improvements Coming Your Way

Cape Town is officially the most congested city in the country, and the surrounding freeways and urban areas are not faring much better. Most local drivers have become intimate with the special brand of misery that comes from being stuck in peak hour traffic. Fortunately, we are able to report that there are concrete plans ... READ MORE →