Advertise is the official website of TechnStel SRA. The association launched this website which will play a pivotal role in the management and promotion of Technopark as a top business destination. It offers valuable information to local government, building owners, tenants, visiting guests and employees working in Technopark. The site offers a niche advertising opportunity to a targeted audience.

Pricing & Enquiries

Featured Company – R3000 (excluding VAT ) / 3 months:
– 3 months on the Homepage in the ‘Featured Company’ section (limited to 2 Featured Companies)
– 3 months’ sidebar banner advertising throughout the website (up to 12 advertisers)
– 1 Boosted Facebook post per month

Premium Package – R750 (excluding VAT ) / month: 
– Homepage Banner (up to 4 advertisers)
– Other banners throughout website – in sidebar and above footer (up to 12 advertisers)
– 1 Boosted Facebook post per month

Standard Package – R350 (excluding VAT ) / month:
– Other banners throughout website – in sidebar and above footer (up to 12 advertisers)
– 1 Facebook post per month, not boosted

Estate Agents’ Package – R1500 (excluding VAT ) / year: 
– Banner advertisement in Quarterly Newsletter in ‘Estate Agents’ section
– Become a listed agent on our website for the year. You will share in all leads received on our website for rental requests, emailed at the same time to all listed agents.

Become a listed agent for R400 (excluding VAT ) / month! Get notified of all rental enquiries received from our website. This excludes any banner or newsletter advertising.

Newsletter Advertising:
– Newsletter banner ad only
R1500 (excluding VAT ) – Advertise in all Quarterly Newsletters
R500 (excluding VAT ) – One advert in a single edition of the Newsletter

*Please note
Advertisers are to supply their own copy and banners. Alternatively, banners can be designed at an additional charge of R450 / set of banners. Cost of written copy is available on request.

Enquiry Contact Form:

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Page Advertising Zones

  • Banner at top of website: 550px (w) x 90px (h)
  • Home page block: max 220px (w) x 270px (h)
  • Sidebar square: 200px x 200px
  • Banner at bottom of content pages: 650px (w) x 90px (h)
  • A monthly featured company on the home page.

Full reporting on banner activity is available. offers the following advertising zones:

Home Page Advertising Zones

General Advertising Zones