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The park consists of approximately 55 hectares of which 25 hectares have been reserved for open spaces.

The zoning of the properties in Technopark is Special Zone I as stipulated in APPENDIX 3 of the Stellenbosch Zoning Scheme Regulations. The zoning scheme defines a Technopark/science park as:

An enterprise associated with research, development, design and related activities in the high-technology sector which is accommodated in a park-type work environment which is specifically created for the industrial needs of the enterprises concerned.”

The normal developments (permitted primary uses) allowed in this zoning are:

  1. Laboratories, offices and other facilities for research, development, design, testing and consultation by any individual, corporation, partnership, business association or any other type of organization, whether public or private.
  2. Production and assembly of prototype products but only on a scale necessary for the completion of research in connection with the product.
  3. Pilot plants, in which planned processes or products are investigated, tested and assembled with a view to production elsewhere.
  4. Professional and commercial services directly associated with and primarily geared towards activities referred to in paragraphs (1) to (3) above, for example banking facilities, personal services, post office, day-care centre, sports and health facilities, food services and training centres.
  5. Conference centres and administrative offices needed for the running of the Technopark.
  6. Incidental operations required for the maintenance of the facilities referred to in paragraphs (1) to (5) above, such as maintenance workshops, power plants and effluent treatment.
  7. Facilities for light manufacturing and/or the assembly of products that require a high level of skills in the high-technology sector result in regular liaison with the research and design personnel and require mainly highly skilled personnel.
  8. Special development can be allowed subject to submission of a formal application to the Council and these developments include any other usage which is incidental to the aforementioned character of the Technopark.