Future Vision & Mission

The official vision of the Technopark SRA is “to enable and create a sustainable, vibrant and active innovative community [by 2015]".

This vision was achieved through a series of workshops with a wide variety of stakeholders. The vision is complex and touch on several elements, including:

  • Social elements, such as leadership and management and social innovation;
  • Technical elements, such as design, technological innovation;
  • Ecological elements, such as resource flows, education; and
  • Economic elements, such as regional economic benefits.

Technopark seeks to transform into a Sustainable Innovation Hub by 2015 and aims to become a vibrant sustainable innovation community and cultural hub, providing knowledge and expertise for sustainable futures locally, nationally and globally. Transformation is the key ingredient in achieving this official mandate and should happen on three levels:

1) The greening and sustainable development of Technopark. By 2015, Technopark seeks to become a national and regional asset for Sustainable Growth. Technopark will provide the capacity to spearhead the regional GreenCape clean-tech initiative as well as provide impetus and support for the national Green Economy.

2) The Mandate of Technopark as a Sustainable Innovation Hub (Supported by a constitution and accommodated by rezoning adjustments).

3) The Technopark collaboration defined through a transparent and mutually beneficial mode of agreement established with the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Higher Education Consortium and the local and provincial Government of the Western Cape (The Collaborative Framework).