Technopark is a vibrant technology park located just outside Stellenbosch. In a collaborative effort by the Stellenbosch University and the local municipality, it aims to be an interactive and learning, innovation and knowledge collaboration environment for technical, social and environmental sustainability excellence.
CIA Property Specialists
CIA Property Specialists (“CIA”) are leaders in Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural properties. With a track record in excess of 25 years, we provide a specialised commercial property service in the Stellenbosch and Helderberg areas. Our offices are located directly in Technopark, Stellenbosch, as well as the Interchange, Somerset West. READ MORE →
Stellenbosch University Language Centre
We assist individuals, organisations and communities to communicate in effective and innovative ways. The Language Centre is attached to Stellenbosch University to provide multilingual language support to staff and students, but our client base is much broader than the University. We offer several services, courses, short courses and workshops – how can we help you? READ MORE →

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Anna Foundation Nonprofit Organisation
The Anna Foundation is a non-profit organisation with the primary objective of addressing the educational and social needs of rural, disadvantaged children in the Western Cape South Africa and to offer these children life-long learning in order to build positive self-worth and self-respect. READ MORE →
Technopark Security
Clever Crooks Ring Alarm Bells in Technopark

It’s half past three on a Sunday afternoon. The last embers of the lunchtime braai are slowly dying out. Your sister and brother-in-law have maneuvered their children into the Toyota, thanked you for the meal, and driven home. Taking a READ MORE →

What’s Happening with the Dams in Technopark?

As many Technoparkers have noted – some with no small degree of trepidation – the dams bordering Neutron Road are being filled with excavation material from the new Capitec building site. A number of people have taken to social media READ MORE →

Technopark Business Forum Event with Tim Harris Save the Date
Risk & Investment Potential in the Western Cape – A Business Forum Talk by Tim Harris

Please join the Technopark Business Forum as we discuss: Risks and investment potential in the Western Cape, with a focus on Stellenbosch and the land debate with Tim Harris.   Tim Harris is CEO of Wesgro and erstwhile Member of READ MORE →