Technopark is a vibrant technology park located just outside Stellenbosch. In a collaborative effort by the Stellenbosch University and the local municipality, it aims to be an interactive and learning, innovation and knowledge collaboration environment for technical, social and environmental sustainability excellence.
Thorburn Security
Thorburn Security
Join us for an interactive debate on the topic of “Innovation & Business Leadership in the age of Uncertainty”. Guest speakers feature Graham Smale and Niclas Kjellstrom-Matseke. As South Africa teeters on the edge of being downgraded to junk status, what is the immediate response from local businesses? Stellenbosch represents a powerful business arena, and has the opportunity to respond through leadership in innovation. The debate focuses around what the short-term reaction might be, and what a long-term stance should entail. Tickets to this event are limited so buy your tickets online today! READ MORE →

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Cafe Menus
There are many Cafes and Coffee Shops scattered throughout Technopark. They offer the perfect meeting place for friends and colleagues, providing freshly prepared meals daily. Many of them also offer a catering service to the companies in Technopark. Not sure where to have breakfast or lunch today? Browse through the cafe menus on our site for some ideas! READ MORE →
Business Forum 20 April
Let’s Talk Business

South African society is beset by many problems. Some of these problems are so complex, entangled and large in scope that we cannot even begin to explain them to ourselves, much less imagine what a solution might look like. According READ MORE →

Proposed Road Layout to Technopark.
Traffic Improvements Coming Your Way

Cape Town is officially the most congested city in the country, and the surrounding freeways and urban areas are not faring much better. Most local drivers have become intimate with the special brand of misery that comes from being stuck READ MORE →

Food Wise in the Park

Rumour has it that in the old days the lunch options in Techno Park were rather limited. Hard-working employees would emerge from their cubicles at one o’ clock to munch on greasy toasted sandwiches before returning to their desks for READ MORE →